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How to use box oregon

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Shop at any online retailers based in the United States          When filling out the shipping address for your order, you must use the address shown on our main page  Please do not miss "boxoregon" at address 2 As we share the warehouse with other shipping companies, the "boxoregon" is used to differentiate packages sent to us and other companies.   Name: Your name Address 1: 2038 NE ALOCLEK DR STE 224 Address 2: STE 224 (Box Oregon)  City: HILLSBORO State: OR (Oregon)  Zip Code: 97124 - 8056  Phone number: Your phone number in KOREA       Click on Delivery Request and fill out the form...

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What is cumulative taxation?

songmin an consolidated shipping customs regulations

Korea Customs Service will impose tax on all items that are declared on the same date and that exceed the $150 duty-free allowance,even if each item does not exceed the duty exemption limit.For example, you used our services to mail in an $80 item to Korea and around the same time,you used a different shipping company to mail a $90 item. If the two items arrive in Korea on different dates, they will be cleared right away and you will not have to pay tax. But by chance,if the two items arrive on the same day, Korea Customs Service will...

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Can I combine more than one item in a single shipment?

songmin an consolidated shipping

Yes, this is called consolidated shipping. You can purchase multiple items from more than one online retailer and send them in a single shipment. We will wait until all your items arrive and then package them in a single box for delivery to Korea For example, if you want to buy a $30 item from, a $30 item from and another $30 item from Target and send all items to Korea, instead of paying shipping fees for each item, you can save money by sending them in a single shipment. This is a good way to save when...

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What is dimensional weight calculation?

songmin an dimensional weight

Dimensional weight is a standard formula used in the freight industry that considers volume when determining charges. This billing technique is used to calculate the shipping fee for a package that is much bigger than what it actually weighs. Dimensional Weight calculation: L x W x H / 166 L = Length in inches W = Width in inches H = Height in inches   Example: A child car seat that has a cubic size of 19inches x 18inches x 26inches and weighs 23 lbs. Although the item weighs only 23 lbs, its shipping fee will be based on dimensional...

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Korea’s customs regulations have been changed as of December 2015

songmin an customs regulations

As many of our customers have no knowledge about the change, we will do our best to explain the new regulations.   Korea Customs Service uses two methods when clearing items – general clearance and list-based clearance.     1) General clearance (complicated method)   General clearance applies to items that fall under  HS Code 01-31 / 33 / 41 / 43-47 / 77 / 93.  Google HS Code for more information.   Major items include  edibles, food ingredients, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.   Alien registration number (ARN) or passport number must be submitted to customs for the aforementioned items...

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